Looking back to my childhood I can see that I was hugely influenced at a very young age by my Mom’s affinity for design. I often returned from school to hear her sewing machine running and as a result I was making my own clothes from aged ten and was constantly involved in set design on school plays. The stage was set for the early days of my career.

My work is ultimately rooted in European classic design. Sustainability has always been at it’s heartand as a result I became ReGreen certified in 2013.

My studio provides a full range of residential interior decoration and renovation services.

Every project begins with an interview to understand  your needs and goals and to establish your timeline and budget. Step two is the creation of your design plan with that information, which also includes a color scheme and overall design, followed by paint, furniture and fabric selection. The final step occurs when we make your dream a reality and ends with the final walk-through. Throughout the entire process, we oversee and coordinate delivery and installation with impeccable detail.

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